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Want a Healthy Brain? Hearing Aids May Help!

New Study Suggests that Hearing Aids May Slow Cognitive Decline

Young man wearing a behind-the-ear hearing aid.Proper exercise and nutrition are obvious and important parts of staying healthy as we get older, but what about proper hearing?

According to a newly-released study, published by the University of Manchester and authored by  Dr. Piers Dawes and Dr. Asri Maharani, hearing impairments among older people may contribute to the risk of cognitive decline and pathological impairments including dementia.

Maharani, said, “We found the rate of cognitive decline was slowed by 75 percent following the adoption of hearing aids. It is a surprising result”

Without the ability to hear and understand we become socially isolated, lose mental stimulation, and increase the rate of age-related cognitive decline. Unfortunately, by the time someone recognizes hearing loss, cognitive decline may have already started, making it even more difficult to convince someone to consider hearing aids.

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