Dr. Everett Hart of Mid Maryland ENT and Tricia Pastore, Au.D. of Mid Maryland Hearing Care Center announce their services are now provided through Frederick Health Medical Group. You may reach ENT department at 301-695-3100 and Hearing Care at 301-695-3277. We look forward to continuing quality care and excellent service for new and existing patients.
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Want a Healthy Brain? Hearing Aids May Help!

Young man wearing a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

New Study Suggests that Hearing Aids May Slow Cognitive Decline Proper exercise and nutrition are obvious and important parts of staying healthy as we get older, but what about proper hearing? According to a newly-released study, published by the University of Manchester and authored by  Dr. Continue Reading

Head and Neck Cancers

Digital illustration of Cancer cell in colour background

A fact sheet from the National Cancer Institute about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and rehabilitation for cancers of the head and neck. Continue Reading

What is otosclerosis?

Illustration of inner-ear.

Healthy hearing relies on a series of events that change sound waves in the air into electrochemical signals within the ear. The auditory nerve then carries these signals to the brain. Otosclerosis, can disrupt the ability of sound to travel from the middle ear to the inner ear. Continue Reading

Swimmer’s Ear or Otitis Externa

Summertime means an increase in ear infections caused by contaminated water remaining in the ear after swimming. Swimmer’s Ear, or Otitis Externa, occurs in the outer ear and can be very painful. Although it can affect people of all ages it is most common in children. Symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear Continue Reading

What Parents Need To Know About Hearing Screening

Doctor placing hearing aid in girls ear.

Having your children’s hearing screened is important. Many factors can contribute to hearing loss in children. You may not realize it, but every day your children are exposed to loud noises. Over time, loud noise can affect their hearing, potentially resulting in noise-induced hearing loss. Healthy Continue Reading

What Is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

Woman sitting on the floor and singing while listening to loud music through headphones.

Many enjoyable sounds that we hear every day are at safe levels that won’t damage our hearing. However, sounds can be harmful when they are too loud—even for a short time—or when they are long-lasting, even if they are not quite as loud. These sounds can damage part of the inner ear and cause Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Your Ears

Don't Do It text over photo of cotton swabs.

Have you ever been tempted to clean out your ears (or your children’s ears) with cotton swabs? Experts have one word of advice: don’t! Earwax (cerumen) is supposed to be in your ears. It has a mission: to keep your ears healthy by trapping dust and dirt so that they don’t travel deeper into your Continue Reading